Monday, 10 October 2011

Turning Packaging to Fencing

Recycling is something we are all endeavouring to do more and more, instead of polluting the environment with large amounts of rubbish.

Polystyrene packaging is non-biodegradable and therefore a bit of a nightmare when it comes to disposal.  However, here at Flexifence we have a great solution – we construct our street and garden furniture from recycled polystyrene, therefore reducing waste.

Our production methods also mean that we are reducing the demand for wood, conserving this valuable resource. Finished products have the appearance of wood, whilst being far more durable, virtually maintenance-free and extremely long-lasting.

Our range includes fencing, gates, benches, seats, picnic tables, bin enclosures and planters, in finishes resembling oak, mahogany, pine or a wood of your choice.

Take a look at our superb range today.

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